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The Spiritual journey of St. Francis de Sales - hailed as the doctor of Love and the master of devotion – is centred on the God of Love who is the origin, sustenance, revival and destination of every human person.  The transcendent God dwells in his creation: the source of its beauty, the guide of its purpose, the master of its fury and the motor of its destiny.

Created in the image of God yet born in sin and drawn by self-love to the things of the earth [like a hen attempting to fly], the human person is inspired and powered to move towards its goal and fulfilment [like an eagle in majestic flight]:

  • by opening up to the love of God [like an oyster to the sun in the formation of the pearl] revealed in the resurrection of the Incarnate and Crucified Christ;
  • by growing in holiness through the practice of devotion according to the state of life that God has ordained; and   
  • by persevering in one’s vocation through the practice of the love of God and Neighbour through Prayer and Virtue, mutually reinforcing action with contemplation and vice versa.

Thus every individual is able to reach, little by little – through detachment from self-love and attachment to God’s will – the degree of spiritual maturity that the good God has ordained for each one according to his vocation.

Salesian Views on different topics:

The Second Vatican Council validated the one message that Francis de Sales preached to Christians of his day: All are called to holiness. He brings the same message to Christians of all times, especially to those concerned about their spiritual welfare.

St. Francis de Sales: Patron of Journalists and Catholic Writers

St. Francis de Sales was a prolific writer.  The collection of his writings in French, known as the Complete Works (Oeuvres Completes) Annecy Edition number 26 volumes.  Fr. Andre RAVIER insists that “St. Francis de Sales is the promoter of Christian action and commitment through genuine contemplation”; and advises that the Saint’s writings be read in the right perspective, namely, as a work born of lived experience, oriented toward meaningful action and leading to evangelical commitment.

“The writings of Francis de Sales, filled with celestial doctrine are a bright light in the Church, pointing out to souls an easy and safe way to arrive at the perfection of a Christian life” (Breviarium Romanum, 29 January, lect. VI).

Salesian Literature

Introduction to the Devout Life
Treatise on the Love of God
Canticle of Canticles
Spiritual Conferences
Defence of the Standard of the Cross
Spiritual Directory

Letters of SFS

Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifLetters to a Wife and Mother
Description: Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifLetters to Persons in Religion
Description: Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifLetters to Persons in the World
Description: Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifLetters of Spiritual Direction

Sermons of SFS
Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifSermons on Prayer
Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifSermons for Advent and Christmas
Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifSermons for Lent
Description: C:\fransalians\sfs-views\box.gifSermons on Our Lady

Salesian Studies
1.     Apostolate according to SFS
2.     SFS and the Sacraments
3.     SFS and Humanism
4.     Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales
5.     Praying with St. Francis de Sales
6.     St. Francis de Sales and the Laity
7.     St. Francis de Sales and Mary
8.     SFS and Religious Life
9.     Holiness and Wholeness
10.   Human Person in SFS
11.   Enabling and Ennobling Love
12 & 13. Prayer and Surrender to God







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