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A simple suggestion is like a tiny mustard seed. It is insignificant.
No one may pay attention to it. If it is taken seriously and implemented,
like the tiny seed planted in good soil,
it sprouts, grows and produces abundant fruit.
A simple suggestion was at the origin of SFS Publications.

The confreres of Visakhapatnam Province had several meetings during the year 1971-1972. They expressed their desire to have more literature on the spirituality of St. France de Sales. They felt that even the few books in English dealing with this topic were not available to them.

Fr. Vincent Kerns, one of our then Assistant Generals, offered his book to us. "Pulpit and Pew, a study in Salesian Preaching" for publication. It was given to SFS Press as early as 1973. The Press was still in its infancy.  Even though all these arrangements were made, the first of the Series, "Pulpit and Pew" was out of the Press only in 1976.

No publication can be run without those who contribute manuscripts, articles, etc.  Our principal contributors were: Fr. Vincent Kerns MSFS, Fr. William Marceau CSb, and Fr. Adrien Duval MSFS.

Then it was named SFS Series. The ideals were expressed as follows: To acquire a better knowledge of the spirit and the doctrine of the Saint, the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales of Visakhapatnam Province always felt the necessity of more literature in English on the Subject. Engaged in intense missionary activity as they are, they have no chance whatever of coming into contact with the rare publications. So the need for easily accessible literature was keenly felt. SFS Series is an effort to supply this felt want.

SFS Publication concentrates on publishing literature on St. Francis de Sales, spiritual and devotional literature. Its branch, IIS Publications, undertakes the publication of scholarly and scientific works. Besides the Indian Institute of Spirituality publishes the Indian Journal of Spirituality, a quarterly making available both scholarly and pastoral articles.

The following are some of the important SFS Publications, Bangalore:

  1. St. Francis de Sales, The Love of God, Tr. Vincent Kerns, 1982.
  2. St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, Tr. Armind Nazareth & Others, 1990; 2nd Edition, 1995.
  3. St. Francis de Sales, Spiritual Conferences, Tr. Ivo Carneiro, Vol. 1, 1995; Vol. 2, 1998.
  4. Studies in Salesian Spirituality, Vol. 1-13, Ed. Antony Kolencherry, 1983-1996.
  5. E.J. Lajeunie, St. Francis de Sales, The Man, The Thinker, His Influence, Tr.Rony O'Sullivan, Vol. 1, 1986, Vol. 2, 1987.
  6. Adrien Duval, Monsieur Mermier, 1790-1862, Tr. Vincent Kerns, 1985.
  7. Francis Moget, Vagabonds for God, A Story of the Catholic Church in Central India, 1846-1907, 1990.
  8. Francis Moget, Shepherds for Christ, A Story of the Catholic Church in Central India, 1907-1960, US Publications, 1994.
  9. Francis Moget, Early Days of the Visakhapatnam Mission, 1846-1920, US, 1997.
  10. Thomas Perumalil, Perfection A Salesian Perspective, US, 1998.
  11. Jacob Parapally, Emerging Trends in Indian Christology, US, 1995.
  12. Reveen Perera, The Gospel & The Noble, Eightfold Path, As a Search for A New World Order, US, 2000.
  13. Philip M. Mundapuzha, Spirituality of Liberation and Consecrated Life in the Indian Context, US, 2001.
  14. Augustine Kolencherry. Mysticism: A Mystery of God's Love. ATC. SFS. 1988.
  15. Augustine Kolencherry. Fire and Flame. SFS.1989.
  16. Antony Mookenthottam, Ever Flowing Streams of Love, SFS, 1997.
  17. Antony Mookenthottam, Religious Community, From Divine Self-gift to Communities of True Friends, SFS Publications, ATC, 2001.

There are many other books published too many to be listed here. We are extremely happy and thankful to God that our publication was able to contribute its mite for the Church in India. The source of our inspiration is St. Francis de Sales, the Patron of Journalists. He wrote, "Perfection lies not in beginning but in achievement" (TLG 8.11). For a publication 25 years are just a beginning only. We look forward to further achievements.

-  Mookenthottam, Antony MSFS (On behalf of SFS & IIS Publications)






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